ACT Tutoring

Is it Harvard or Broward College?

ACT (American College Testing)

ACT is a standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions. It consists of four tests: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Natural Sciences. Beginning in the Spring of 2015, the ACT is offered as a computer-based test that will incorporate some optional ‘Constructed Response Questions’. The test content, composite score, and multiple choice format will not be affected by these changes. The ACT will continue to be offered in the paper format for schools that are not ready to transition to computer testing. The four main tests are scored individually on a scale of 1–36, and a Composite score is provided which is the whole number average of the four scores.

The ACT is the most popular college entrance exam test, it is accepted by ALL colleges and universities in the USA, and their score will determine whether or not your student is accepted. Did you know that the ACT score and high school GPA are the most important factors in getting accepted into the college of your choice?

Do you want or need financial assistance for college?

A strong ACT score will command the attention of many schools that are competing for talent, and most schools award annual scholarships from $5,000 to $50,000 to students who score 5 points higher than the average entrance score for that school. And many times this merit scholarship is independent of students’ financial needs! A $25,000 scholarship means that you will save $100,000 in your student’s 4 year college education.

Is my school test prep program sufficient?

Most schools offer a test prep program – they do group studying and it is basically a review of Math and English classes. However, studies show that individual tutoring will increase scores by 2 standard deviations on average, (See Bloom’s two Sigma Problem), this means that, with a private tutor, your student’s score can increase 3-5 composite points, and if you add our winning strategies of the 3P’s and PQR, that score can increase 5-9 composite points – enough to go from a #50 ranked school to a #20 school or higher.

This is why our tutoring for ACT test is completely personalized and tailored according to the student’s specific needs, not to mention the school, college or university requirements relative to the test he or she is taking.

So why risk getting a bad or mediocre score on any test that will play a big role in your child’s life?

Don´t waste any more time CALL US TODAY to schedule a free consultation with one of our Educational Consultants for your student‘s Test Prep needs. 

During our free consultation, we will review the student’s school academic performance, his or her areas of strength, GPA, and based on a detailed set of questions, we can recommend which is the test, SAT or ACT, where he or she will do best to enter their school of choice.

We are your resource for getting most of your college questions answered, and the advice is FREE!

Our ACT test prep program teaches the required academic subjects and also teach your student with critical test strategies, we call them:

  • 3P’s of Test Preparation: All the strategies you need prior to the test, in three major blocks. We will teach you where to study, what to do 5 days before the test, how to manage your agenda and much more.
  • PQR of Test Day: All the strategies you need on the day of the test, from stress management to avoid mental blocks, to adjusting your timing and completing on time, to identifying tricky questions, eliminating wrong answers and much more.

3P´s and PQR are proprietary strategies of Tutor Doctor, and they have proven to increase your scores 3-9 composite points on the ACT and over 300 points on the SAT. Results may vary.